Reopening Statement

Dear friends and patients of Hamilton Advanced Dentistry,

We would like to take a moment and thank you all for your support! These have indeed been trying times.  We have been significantly limited in the care we have been able to extend during this health crisis. As we begin to go back to a more normal schedule, we would like to outline a few precautions and improvements to our services to help reassure all who visit our office, that your health and wellbeing is our highest priority. 

First, we have increased our already fastidious disinfection protocols. This includes our waiting areas and bathrooms as well as our treatment rooms. We are doing everything possible to ensure that our building is clean and safe. 

Second, we have provided hand-sanitizer and instructions in our waiting and check-out areas. Our check-in and check-out areas are disinfected after each patient. Even the pens provided are separated clean from used.

Third, even though our waiting area is quite large, and social distancing usually isn’t an issue, for all those of higher risk, or who are simply less comfortable being in the waiting area with other people at all, patients may call the front office on arrival to check in (406) 363-2421 or (406)363-2424 and then wait in your vehicle. We will call you as soon as we are ready to start your appointment.

Fourth, we are screening patients as directed by the CDC and ADA guidelines for any exposure to illness, symptoms and travel that may result in unknown or asymptomatic illness. If you have traveled out of the area in the last 2 weeks, have experienced any respiratory symptoms or fever, or have been around a sick individual we are asking to please postpone your appointment for two weeks to ensure the highest safety protocol can be followed for everyone.

Fifth, we are asking that patients with an appointment please only bring necessary individuals for your transportation or assistance to your appointment. Unless assistance is needed by the patient, accompanying individuals should wait in the car. We can call you when they are finished with whatever treatment is rendered.  

Lastly, we as providers, have increased the level of our personal protective equipment. We are wearing higher grade masks, more protective eyewear, and being especially cautious with hand hygiene as disinfection.  All our focus is protecting our patients, their families, and our staff and families. 

We look forward greatly to getting back to doing what we do best, providing high quality and comfortable dental care in a safe and protected environment. We are currently taking all types of appointments including cleanings. If you have any questions, or if your appointment was moved due to the shelter in place ordinance, Please call us at (406)363-2421 or (406)363-2424 and we will be happy to help! Likewise if you need a dental appointment for any reason, we’re here to serve you!


Eli K Johnson, Daniel J. Wharton, and all the staff at Hamilton Advanced Dentistry



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